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How to Get Rid of a Pimple Overnight

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With a little extra care at the end of the day, you can clear your complexion by morning: Here are expert tips on getting rid of a pimple overnight.

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Wash this way

Jennifer Ahartz, global curriculum developer at Dermalogica in Los Angeles, CA, suggests starting with a double cleansing if you want to get rid of a pimple overnight: “The first cleanse helps to remove oil, makeup, and pollution from the face and the second cleanse removes any remaining debris, helping to keep the follicles clear,” she says. “I recommend using the first to remove excess build-up; do your second cleanse with Clearing face Wash to wash away.” Learn what dermatologists do when they get a pimple.

Preparing your Body

After washing your face, add a leave-on exfoliant, mask, or moisturizer before getting face ready for treatment. “Often, people overtreat a pimple in order to try to get rid of it, essentially worsening it due to the irritation,” says Melissa Levin, MD, a dermatologist and clinical assistant attending professor at NYU Langone Medical Centre in New York, NY. “While there is no magic cure for bringing pimples down overnight, there are things you can definitely do to minimize the inflammation.” Make sure these symptoms aren’t one of the 8 signs your face products are secretly your face.

When to pop

One way to get rid of a pimple overnight? Pop it: If it’s a whitehead or a blackhead and easy to extract, go for it, says Sandra Lee, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in Upland, CA. However, touching cystic or other types of acne will make matters worse. If you do decide to take matters into your own hands, she says, apply a warm washcloth or take a steam shower to soften the pimple first, which make it easier to extract. Get more details on how to pop a pimple safely.

When not to pop

Ready to pop?

After steaming your face to open up your pores and the pimples, use sterilized extracting tools, says Dr. Lee. Make sure to apply afterward to clean out the wound.

Spot treatment

Some treatments are designed to target a specific area or breakout. For oily face, Dr. Lee’s x SLMD Spot Treatment has a salicylic formula that unclogs pores and controls oil production, which clears fast and prevents the creation of new blackheads and whiteheads. Likewise, the x SLMD BP Lotion uses 3 percent sulfur to regulate sensitive body’s oil production, stop the growth of causing, and gently exfoliate, says Dr. Lee

dots, like COSRX Pimple Master Patch, also are great for bringing a pimple down overnight. “You can’t guarantee that a pimple will be gone in the morning, but squeezing it repeatedly and touching the area often will not help, and will likely make things worse,” says Dr. Lee.

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