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Smart Ways to Eat on a Super Tight Budget

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There’s a common misconception that eating food has to be expensive. It doesn’t. Avoid spending your entire paycheck at Whole Foods and try out these tricks to eat foods for less instead.

Go for frozen vegetables

Fresh vegetables can be expensive, but frozen vegetables can actually give you more bang. Not only are they cheaper, but frozen veggies contain comparable when compared to fresh veggies. “Skip frozen vegetables that include a sauce or seasoning,” says Pam Nisevich Bede, MS, RD, for Abbott’s EAS Sports. “Often, you’re paying extra for salt and cheaply made sauces.”

Eat oats for breakfast

When it comes to eating on a budget, oats are a go-to for a quick breakfast or even in baking. Oats are also a great source of beta-glucan,  I often buy oats in bulk from the farmer’s market. They’re high quality and inexpensive. Many supermarkets also offer oats in bulk. Here are 14 cheap, meals you can make in 20 minutes or less.

Buy nuts in bulk

Nuts are another food that can be purchased for much less if you buy them in bigger quantities. Skip overly oiled and salted nuts and instead buy nuts from the bulk section,” says Bede. “Nuts are a great source of the essential. Buy them whole and chop or prep on the fly for baking needs. Buying in bulk saves you much more money versus buying a few ounces at a time from the baking aisle.”

Shop seasonal

Produce is not always the cheapest thing in the supermarket, but buying what’s in season makes it a great option for eating on a budget. “In the summer, you can find watermelon, berries, and corn for a fraction of the cost of apples and kale,” says Natalie Rizzo, RD. Because those grow best in the summer, there’s an abundance of them, and they can sell them for cheaper.” These are the 19 pantry food staples healthy people always stock.

Go generic

Many snacks, whole-grain cereals, and even organics are available under the store brand. “These foods are held to the same standards of major brand name products, which means that, they are equivalent in quality,” says Maya Rams Murthy, RD. “Don’t pay more for pretty packaging.”

Opt for ugly produce

Often if a piece of produce has a cosmetic deformity, the store won’t even put it out for sale, but it’s okay to eat foods that aren’t beautiful. “If you ask the grocer about the ugly produce, they may be willing to sell it at a fraction of the cost,” says Rizzo. “And there’s nothing wrong with it, other than the fact that it looks different.” You can also sign up for Imperfect Produce, a delivery service that offers “ugly” produce at an affordable price. These are the 14 foods parts you shouldn’t throw out.

Buy beans

Beans are one of the best foods to eat for cheap. “Both dried and canned beans are extremely inexpensive,” says Rizzo. “For less than $1, you can get a can of beans.

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